Fairtrade in Sheringham

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Traidcraft is still going strong in Sheringham!

St Andrew’s Methodist Church, Sheringham, decided to take part of its Harvest Festival weekend celebrations outside onto the adjoining grass.

On Saturday morning, highlighted was the Church’s charity of the month ‘All We Can’ ‘Change begins with a bicycle’ by inviting people to write prayers and post them onto a bicycle.

A Traidcraft stall selling Fairtrade goods, did brisk business raising £90 and gifts were received for the Cromer Foodbank. All of this was achieved following the ‘six-person’ guidelines!

The ‘Fairtrade for Sheringham Group’ sadly announce that its founding member, Mrs Brenda Smith, has decided, for personal reasons, to take a ‘back seat’ for a time. She has headed up this Group for 17 years and her hard work and dedication has resulted in Sheringham being declared a ‘Fairtrade’ Town. This has been no easy task, and Brenda will be sorely missed, although she will be ‘mentoring’ those taking over the reins and keeps a keen interest in the work of Traidcraft and all it achieves in ensuring producers receive a fair price for their goods.

Look out for the Fairtrade notices in local shops, thus supporting them and Fairtrade.

Information regarding future ordering of Fairtrade goods can be obtained from Jean Parton (01263) 821600 or Barbara George (01263) 822003

Christmas cards can now be ordered, and a catalogue showing Traidcraft Christmas cards can now be obtained from Jean or Barbara.