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Opening of Cottenham Cafe on 6th April 2011



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Please note that Jack Lawson has now retired from the role of District Mission Enabler. Dr Yasmin Finch took up this role from 1st September 2016. You can find out a little more about her in the September 2016 edition of the District newsletter Grapevine - here.

Yasmin can be contacted by email.


First Impressions Count
The welcome someone receives in church has a huge impact on whether they stay. Many of us are in the Church because of the acceptance and inclusion we’ve felt when we entered it, and that we continued to feel as we’ve remained.

Welcome is also a deeply biblical theme, finding its roots in the compassion of God for the outsider, and illustrated vividly in Jesus’ own commitment to share a table with all – lawyers and sinners, religious leaders and tax collectors. Jesus’ contemporaries were quick to note – often with derision – the breadth and depth of the welcome he offered to others (Mark 2:16).

Welcome is rooted in God’s nature as Trinity. The welcome that Jesus offers in his ministry to and for others reflects the welcome that the Father offers to the world. The Spirit draws us into the welcoming life of God, shaping us to be like Jesus. Christians are called to welcome others as they have been welcomed.

First Impressions Count is a workshop designed to help churches reflect on the welcome that someone experiences when they first visit church. Although creating a positive first impression is only a part of welcome, it is nonetheless an important one, and research shows that those who do not receive a good first impression are unlikely to stay. On the other hand, leaving visitors with a positive first impression is a way of sharing the generous welcome of God with those who cross the threshold of our churches.

The aim of this workshop, then, is to enable churches to become more welcoming by raising awareness of the importance of initial impressions before, during and after a newcomer’s first contact.

NB: All you need to run this workshop for your church or circuit is included in the guide.

First Impressions Count – Guide
First Impressions Count – Facilitators Guide
First Impressions Count – Powerpoint
First Impressions Count – Participants sheets


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Tony Barker, our Church & Regional Development Officer, has kindly provided a ‘jargon buster’ for all of us who do not know our Section 106s from our Community Infrastructure Levies(!). This should be particularly useful to those of us whose churches are in areas where there will be significant numbers of new houses. Enjoy!
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