Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

CharityReverend Charity Nzegwu is a minister in the Cambridge Circuit, and the Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Officer for the District. She is also a member of the Connexional Inclusive Church Strategy Group, where she has been the Facilitator for the Positive Action Workstream.

Prior to coming into ministry, she worked as a Cancer Nurse Specialist, Project Manager and a Cancer Services Commissioner. She has previously served on the Connexional Grants Committee and was a Lead Chaplin for the Methodist Women in Britain Swanick Conference.

She is passionate about Gender equality and is a friend of the LGBTQ community. She describes herself as a Methodist, who is passionate about the equality and dignity of all of God’s creation, ecumenical working and an inclusive approach to ministry. She has a desire for all people to be the people God created them to be, and for all to fully participate in the life of the Church, in the full knowledge and assurance that, we all have a space at the Table.

Charity is married to Michael and lives in Royston, Hertfordshire.


Below is a link to a very interesting and challenging webinar!


Dismantling Whiteness Conference - Hosted by the Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture on the 17 April 2021.

This conference was a historic first, in being the first occasion that Whiteness as a phenomenon was explored theologically in the UK. The video shows the two keynote lectures and the following panel conversation.


Jarel Robinson Brown's lecture, entitled 'Religion, Race and Sexuality, is available through this link:



This is an online series for Black History Month… please do share this link around your district if possible.
Black Lives Matter: Readings and Conversation - John Wesley’s New Room (newroombristol.org.uk)
There will also be material on the Connexional website to celebrate this important month of the year.


Below is also a link to the anti-bullying webinars:
Bullying Webinars (methodist.org.uk)
The 3rd one was particularly about EDI issues and bullying.