Wesley Historical Society

The Wesley Historical Society – East Anglia encourages an interest in our Methodist heritage. Membership is open to all and the annual UK subscription is £8 (cheques payable to Wesley Historical Society – East Anglia)

We meet on Saturday afternoons in May and September at locations across the East Anglia District. Meetings take the form of lectures and are often at places of Methodist historical interest. Past meetings have included a talk on Sir George Edwards, The Musical Wesleys -a talk illustrated with musical extracts, viewing the Methodist Art Collection with expert guidance, and seeing a magnificent model of The Temple. We cater for all levels of interest from those with a scholarly knowledge of our Methodist heritage to those who simply enjoy seeing different parts of our District. Common to all our meetings is good fellowship and a good old fashioned Methodist tea!

Members receive our Journal, which has transcripts of lectures and items on people, places and events that have shaped our Methodist heritage in East Anglia.

To join, or for further information, please contact:

Ursula Franklin
15, Meadow Way
Tel: 01603 423535



For a list of the Wesley Historical Society Publications please Click Here.