District Diary




4             Minister for the Deaf Community Management Committee at 10.30 am District Manse

9             MWiB Autumn District Day, Trinity MC, Lowestoft

13           Countryside Officer's Meeting 10.00 am (Zoom)

16          District Safeguarding Conference at Kings Centre Norwich            

18           District Policy Committee at 10.30 am Diss MC

20          Stationing Training – Preparing for Visits at 7.30 pm (Zoom)

21-22     Methodist Council Meeting                                                                                       


3-5         Lay Employees’ & Lay Volunteers’ Retreat, Belsey Bridge

8             Initial Introductory Meeting of Shared District(s) Probationers Committee with Probationers (via Zoom)

15           District Safeguarding Group Development Day

15-17     District Ministers’ Retreat, Belsey Bridge

22           DPC Away Day at 10.00 am St Ives MC

27           Regional Online Retreat by Zoom


7             Lay Employees’ & Lay Volunteers’ Network Day 




6             MWiB Executive Meeting 10.00 for 10.15 am, Diss MC or Zoom TBC

17           Grants and Personnel Committee at 10.30 am at Thetford MC

17           Finance and Property Committee at 1.30 pm at Thetford MC

22          District Candidates Committee, 10.00 am at Diss MC

24           Safeguarding Forum, 7.00 pm on Zoom

26-27     Methodist Council Meeting


10           District Policy Committee - at 10:30 am at Diss MC

28-3 Mar Shared District(s) Probationers Retreat Launde Abbey (with BEH)


4-6         District Local Preachers’ Weekend, Belsey Bridge

7 or 8    Shared District(s) Probationers Committee (small groups)

8             Lay Employees’ & Lay Volunteers’ Network Day

10           Full Shared District(s) Probationers Committee Stamford MC

12           Circuit Treasurers’ Meeting, 10.00 am Thetford MC                        

13           Deadline for the Spring edition of grapevine

14           District Safeguarding Group meeting, 6.00 pm

24           Presbyteral Synod, Haverhill MC


2             Representative Synod, 10.00 am at Bramford Road MC, Ipswich

2-4         Methodist Council Meeting


6-9         Visit of President and Vice-President of Conference

12          MWiB Spring District Day, St Ives MC

16           Safeguarding Forum, 7.00 pm on Zoom                                                       


9             Grants and Personnel Committee - 10.30 am at Thetford MC

9             Finance and Property Committee - 1.30 pm at Thetford MC

14           Lay Employees’ & Lay volunteers’ Network Day

20          District Policy Committee - 10.30 am at Diss MC

21           District Safeguarding Group meeting, 6.00 pm

23-30     Methodist Conference convenes in Telford


31           Deadline for the Autumn edition of grapevine


19           District Safeguarding Group meeting, 6.00 pm

27           Safeguarding Forum, 7.00 pm on Zoom



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(Please contact Alison Travis/The District Office only for matters that relate to the Methodist District. For Local Church or Circuit matters please contact the people on the individual Circuit and Church pages.)

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