A Welcome from the Chair of District - The Revd Julian Pursehouse

julian pursehouse

It was a privilege to be appointed by the Methodist Conference to serve as Chair in this district from September 2014. East Anglia is a particularly idyllic part of the British Isles and an area where you can be constantly reminded of the beauty of God's creation.

The East Anglia district is geographically vast and culturally diverse, stretching from the North Norfolk coast to the leafy suburbs of Cambridge and from the flat expanse of the Fens to the bustle of Felixstowe docks! I trust that within this rainbow community you will find a warmth of welcome, an optimism in God's grace and a passion for the Gospel!

A Pastoral Letter from the District Chair

August 2022

Dear Friends, 

I am writing this letter at a time of deep uncertainty and fear in our society – when we are reminded daily of the crippling reality of climate crisis, war in Europe, sexual violence against women, and a cost-of-living crisis that is likely to bring misery to many thousands of people. Where is God in all of this? And what is an authentic Christian response? It is so tempting to add our voice or opinion to the cacophony of well-meaning solutions and consolations – but I wonder if this is truly wise? The more I wrestle with the nature of Christian discipleship in the myriad complexities of our world, the more convinced I become of the need for silence and less words! The contemplative tradition suggests that it is in the solitude of silence that we intentionally curate a space into which the divine might speak and we might become the recipients of wisdom. At a critical point in his experience, the prophet Elijah encounters the presence of God ‘in a sound of sheer silence’ (1 Kings 19:12) and only through the silence of this moment is he able to discern the future direction of his ministry.



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