Policy Documents and Forms


District Reserves Policy October 2017

District Vision 2017

District Disability Policy October 2017

Hunter Rowe application form September 2017

A Guide on Who to Approach for a Grant (amended March 2021) - Click Here

Assessment Review 2013 – Click Here

District Grants Monitoring and Evaluation Form – Click Here

District M&M Grants Form 1b – Click Here

District Safeguarding Policy – See on Safeguarding page here

Grant Making Policy June 2013 – Click Here

Ministers of Other Denominations Policy June 2013 – Click Here

Procedure for closing a Church 2016  Click Here

Application form for the closure of a Church 2014   Click Here

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(Please contact Danielle Gravestock/The District Office only for matters that relate to the Methodist District. For Local Church or Circuit matters please contact the people on the individual Circuit and Church pages.)

01603 625765

Danielle Gravestock

The District Office
Chapel Field Road Methodist Church

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