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We are delivering the Advanced Module 2019 Training online and face to face.Both courses need preparation - please read and familiarise yourself with the requirements before booking.

If you cannot find training at a convenient time, or know of those who cannot, please contact our Safeguarding Administrator, Sarah Young. We have a pool of trainers able to deliver face to face training and will arrange this according to need.

Is this the right course for you?

To see which training is required for you in your role, please see "Who should attend Advanced Module?"

If you are unsure about the training you need, please speak to your Church or Circuit Safeguarding Officer.


Please read the information below before booking.  If there is not a date which is suitable for you, please contact the Safeguarding Administrator, Sarah Young.


The Advanced Module (online) is an interactive course where case studies, film clips, questions and discussions will be used to enhance your learning. The Module is in three parts:

1. Advanced Module e-learning, an independent learning experience, you can complete at your own pace in advance of the Gathered session. This will take you 4-6 hours to complete.

2. Advanced Module Gathered Session, a 2 hour facilitated session, for up to 12 participants, which will consolidate and continue your earlier learning. This will be led by one of the District Advanced Module Trainers and the District Safeguarding Officer. A chaplain will also be available.

3. Advanced Module Handbook, this will support your learning during Advanced Module (online) and be a reference point for further study and resources.

If you have completed Foundation, Leadership or Advanced Module training within the last 4 years you can register for the Advanced Module online. You will select a date for your Gathered Session and will then be registered for e-learning access. E-learning should be completed at least 2 days before the Gathered Session.

Select your preferred date to book: 


WEDNESDAY 14TH AUGUST 2024 10am -12 noon.

Please book using the link below.



Please complete the Essential Preparation (about 60 minutes work) before attending the face to face session.


Thursday 25th July 1-5pm at Heacham Methodist Church

Please Book using the link below.


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(Please contact Danielle Gravestock/The District Office only for matters that relate to the Methodist District. For Local Church or Circuit matters please contact the people on the individual Circuit and Church pages.)

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