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The East Anglia District believes that care for the environment is fundamental to our Christian faith and action. As stewards of God’s gift of creation each of us has a responsibility to ensure that this remains a sustainable world and to respond to the social injustice visited on many of the world’s poorest people as a result of climate change.

With this in mind, we have an action plan and we are working towards the A Rocha Eco Diocese Bronze Award which recognises commitment to good environmental and ethical stewardship.

We recognise that we are at the start of our journey, we will be exploring environmental issues in the context of Christian life and mission, will take positive action and realise that the job is never finished. 


Environment and Climate Change

The Methodist Conference has set a target of becoming a net zero emissions Church by 2030.   To support this ambitious journey we agreed at our East Anglia Methodist District Synod in September 2021 to adopt our own Environmental Policy. 

Our own East Anglian objectives, awareness and commitment are:

  • to promote awareness within Methodist people of these principles and objectives and of the values underlying them.
  •  to ensure that Methodist Church employees and officeholders are familiar with and implement this environmental commitment and its objectives.
  • to ensure that Methodist Church activities comply with all relevant environmental regulations.

Methodist Conference has developed Action for Hope to help us keep focused on our journey, this is a Six Step Process to help support this journey,  to enable the diversity of our churches to fully engage.

Step 1 - ASSESS WHERE YOU ARE - Take a snapshot of your carbon footprint now, as a community or as an individual.

Step 2  - GREEN YOUR ENERGY - Use energy efficiently by reducing waste. Where possible, source energy from renewables.

Step 3 -  TRAVEL SMART - Minimise unnecessary travel, use public transport or bikes where possible, car share when you can and fly rarely.

Step 4 - GO FOR GOLD - Eco Church offers a structured and well-resourced award scheme for churches to join. Five hundred Methodist churches are already registered.

Step 5 -  LIVE LIGHT -  Reduce how much we buy, reuse and repair what we can and make careful choices in what we eat.

Step 6 - CELEBRATE TOGETHER - Take time to reflect on, share and celebrate your achievements.

Some useful links and files

God’s World, Our Home is a resource for children and youth groups, to equip them for climate action.

The Revd Simon Topping has written a series of six blogs looking at the theology of climate justice. Find them here.

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These resources give guidance in five key areas of church life: Worship and Teaching, Building Management, Land Management, Community and Global Engagement, and Lifestyle.

East Anglia Methodist DPC’s Environmental Policy.pdf

Becoming an Eco Church - Audit.pdf

A Rocha UK’s Easy Eco Tips



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